Ghee in 500BC


One of the most comprehensive articles I’ve discovered which explains ghee’s ancient connection with Ayurveda is a research paper from the Californian College of Ayurveda The article gives an example of the many medical applications of ghee as described in Sushruta, one of the three most important Ayurvedic texts… ‘Ghrita (ghee) is sweet, mild in action, soft, cold in potency (Virya), not increasing moisture in the tissues, lubricating, relieves upward movement in the alimentary tract, insanity, epilepsy, colic, fever, and distension of the abdomen, mitigates vata and pitta, kindles agni, increases memory, wisdom, intelligence, complexion, voice, beauty, softness of the body, vitality, vigor, strength, and span of life; is aphrodisiac, good for vision, increases kapha, wards off sins and inauspiciousness, destroys poisons and demons.’ Quite a potent medicine! Check out the College’s full article – it makes fascinating reading.

tony heywood